Victory in a debate tournament

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KU debate team wins National Debate Tournament, clinching its sixth national title

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KU debate team wins National Debate Tournament, clinching its sixth national title

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Like all electric utilities should be governmentally disturbed and operated. But if you go in with other, you will win. They want to make your ideas. In Victory and Defeat, Success Academy Debaters Learn Valuable Lessons at Harvard Debate Tournament Corinne Adams – February 27, It was p.m.

on Saturday, February 17, when Success Academy Harlem West sixth-grader Aminata Bathily and seventh-grader Ibrahima Toure found out they were advancing to face their most difficult debate yet.

Speech and Debate team brings home victory

Nov 08,  · Volleyball finds tournament victory. Clara Neupert, Sports Editor November 8, Leave a Comment. Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. Share via Email. Close Modal Window. The Great Debate November 23, UWEC beats UW-Whitewater, receives spot in NCAA tournament.

Kurt Fifelski is the Assistant Director of Debate at the University of Michigan and has been in Ann Arbor since In that time he has coached teams to tournament victory at Harvard, Wake Forest, Kentucky, the Dartmouth Round Robin, Miami, and Indiana.

National Speech & Debate Tournament – Resolved: That, when a choice is required for public high schools in the United States, government funding should prioritize vocational education over college preparatory education.

The victory is the latest success for HWS Debate, which received attention earlier this fall when it welcomed more than collegiate debaters from across North America for the inaugural HWS Intervarsity Debate Tournament, the largest debate event in the history of the Colleges.

Briefly is a service of Victory Briefs, a provider of high-quality resources for Lincoln-Douglas and Public Forum Debate. Our summer program, The Victory Briefs Institute, is the largest and most successful debate workshop in the nation.

Victory in a debate tournament
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Volleyball finds tournament victory – The Spectator