Macbeth written task

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Macbeth Creative Writing Task

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A written task demonstrates the student’s ability to choose an imaginative way of exploring an aspect of the material studied in the course. It must show a critical engagement with an aspect of a text or a topic.

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In the play Macbeth, Macbeth is considered to be a tragedy of a tragic hero and in Brave New World, John is said to be a tragedy of a common man. John and Macbeth both share many differences according to Aristotle’s view of the tragic hero and Arthur Miller’s view of the common man.

These differences include their standings, catharsis, and the tragic flaw. Gargoyles. Several clans of gargoyles exist worldwide (although until recently, they were unaware of each other's existence), and each clan has distinct cultural and morphological characteristics.

Why did Shakespeare Write Macbeth?

Macbeth experiences a number of internal conflicts over the course of the play. Firstly, there is conflict after Macbeth meets with the witches.

Macbeth written task
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