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Author Interview: Essayist Jenny Poore on Writing and Voice

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Read extracts from Theft By Finding Volume One – by David Sedaris

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Explainer: An Interview with Vox Pop Video Essayist Estelle Caswell

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Humor & Heart: An Interview With Essayist Kimberly Harrington

Mar 08,  · Interview With An Essayist. Interview with author and essayist Pankaj Mishra Interview with author and essayist Pankaj Mishra quot;Secularisation has really created a void of understanding quot; Essays amp; Interviews – George C.

Interview: Video Essayist Kogonada Makes His ‘Columbus’ Feature Debut

Marshall Foundation Essays amp; Interviews. Interviews. Interview with author and essayist Pankaj Mishra "Secularisation has really created a void of understanding" Societies around the world are in turmoil, with religious and social groups pitted against each other in many countries.

Jan 10,  · Because of an editing error, an earlier version of this article erroneously included a magazine among the publications for which the essayist Katie Roiphe has written. Ms. Roiphe’s work has not been published in Dissent magazine.

The books interview: the dry-witted US essayist on how he went from working as an elf in Macy’s to becoming ‘the American Alan Bennett’. Feb 26,  · Essayist Breaks Free From Conventional Relationships In 'Because I Love You' Tim Kreider says the longest relationship of his adult life was with the stray cat.

He writes about that, his fling. Especially as an essayist, I think there are people who have a gigantic audience and have figured out a way to get their work compensated in ways that are exciting .

Interview essayist
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