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Summary: Provides the details of an interview with a recent immigrant from Kuwait. Describes his journey to America, the culture shock experienced, and the challenges of learning to live in a foreign country. The immigrant that I am interviewing is name is David Ibrahim.

He was born in Kuwait in the. Immigrant Interview Essay There are many people who believe that if they can make it in the “Nation of Immigrants”, then they can be successful and live the American dream.

Marcia Pacheco is one of the many who believes that America serves more opportunities that will better one’s life. Marcia Pacheco is the mother of my good friend Ryan /5(1). “I have a problem fundamentally with placing someone in jail over a traffic citation,” Brian Stillwell, chief of police in immigrant-heavy Clanton, told msnbc.

Questions to ask: Your interview should cover issues surrounding the decision to emigrate, conditions in the country of origin prior to emigration, the immigration process, dealing with immigration policy, connections to the origin country, and adaptation/integration into life in the.


Interview candidates say the interview experience difficulty for US Citizenship and Immigration Services is average. Some recently asked US Citizenship and Immigration Services interview questions were, "There were about 6 questions, all behavioral in nature, none related to the job.

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Sample Essay. Words 3, My interview subject was 20 year old Art student who lives in New Jersey whom we’ll call Nigar.

How America’s harshest immigration law failed

Nigar is an immigrant from Turkey; she came over from Turkey with her younger brother when she was around

Immigrant interview essay
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