How to stay calm on a blind date

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Blind date: ‘I was worried it was going to be awkward and I’d feel trapped’

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Remain calm and written Before joining a crowd, ask yourself:. #7 Stay Calm If things happen that cause you frustration, such as heavy traffic or a motorist who uses poor judgment, it’s best to control your emotions. You might be tempted to react to the source of the frustration, but that usually results in actions that increase your risk.

When your friend sets you up on a blind date.

The Blind Date | M.YG✔

by Simran Ahuja | November 21,You’re waiting for him to show up while you’re texting your friend and trying to stay calm, while the inner you feels like this. Until he finally shows up and he seems pretty cute so you decide to stay anyway.

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For example, if you're about to go on an interview, or a first date, or your boss has called you in for a reprimand, some nervousness is completely normal, and you're not suffering from an anxiety disorder necessarily - you're just dealing with the standard stresses of life.

It's important to keep calm when others put you down and that means staying level headed and reacting in a healthy way. Being put down by others can trigger self-esteem issues and cause emotional distress, if you allow it.

How to stay calm on a blind date
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