How technology has made people lazy

11 Ways Tech has Made Us Lazy

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Is Jeunesse a Scam?

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11 Ways Tech has Made Us Lazy

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Does Technology Make Us Lazy?

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Above, I have shown you several examples of how technology has had positive impacts on our lives but certainly many more exist. [Editor’s Note: Le-Vel tried to sue me for the article below AND I WON!

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Does Technology Make Us Lazy?

During August I read "The Plugged-In Manager" by Terri Griffith. This book is a unique perspective to making decisions and creating culture central to balancing the people, technology.

The average number of hours a person spent consumed with these activities was the basis of their classification.

The answer was clear: digital technology does change the way your brain works. But it is not a bad thing. Active technology users were better at processing information in parallel.

How technology has made people lazy
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