How choices determine our fate

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What is free will and what is fate?

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What Will Matter

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Do our choices determine our fate or does fate determine our choices?

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Fate Quotes

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I’m sure you’ve heard the statement “Life is a series of choices.” To some, that’s too simple, but it really is true. Your decisions determine your destiny. Jamie and I recently took a vacation. We didn’t get in the car and just go in any direction; we had a goal, and every turn we took was calculated to help us reach our.

Feb 25,  · I think that we do have control of our fate. I think that we have the opportunity to determine our fate and can do things to change it. i think that in. Your decisions determine your destiny. Jamie and I recently took a vacation. We didn’t get in the car and just go in any direction; we had a goal, and every turn we took was calculated to.

Our life as it is now is created by the results of the choices we ourselves made according to the tendencies of our own mind, each time we encountered a specific event. It may thus be said that it is none other than freedom of choice which is the most important factor in shaping a person’s fate or destiny.

Fate or chance plays a huge role in our lives. When I picked what college I would go to, it (along with her choice) meant that my wife and I could meet.

How choices determine our fate
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Decisions Determine Destiny - Andrew Wommack Ministries