French revolution

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French Revolution for Kids

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French Revolution

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One of the primary goals of the French Revolution that Napoleon eventually achieved was civil reform. Although he imposed his tyrannical will upon his subjects, he was also responsible for the unification and codification of French laws.

Summary of the French Revolution Causes, beginning, end, facts, effects, timeline, the French Revolutionary Wars, Marie Antoinette, Napoleon. Inmany British radicals interpreted the early events of the French Revolution in mythic terms, as signs that a cataclysmic event, akin to the Christian apocalypse (entailing the renovation of the fallen world), was at hand—and that, paradoxically, human beings rather than God were the agents of this absolute change.

John Stuart Mill, a friend of Carlyle's, found himself caught up in other projects and unable to meet the terms of a contract he had signed with his publisher for a history of the French proposed that Carlyle produce the work instead; Mill even sent his friend a library of books and other materials concerning the Revolution, and by Carlyle was working furiously on the project.

With 12 Topical Essays, Images, Text Documents, 13 Songs, 13 Maps, a Timeline, and a Glossary, LIBERTY, EQUALITY, FRATERNITY: EXPLORING THE FRENCH REVOLUTION provides an accessible and lively introduction to the French Revolution as well as an extraordinary archive of some of the most important documentary evidence from the Revolution.

With the French Revolution began the institutionalization of secularized individualism in both social life and politics; individualism and rationality found expression in parliamentary government and written constitutionalism.

Obviously, the English and American revolutions of and prefigure these changes, but it was the more universalist French.

French revolution
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