Barry minkow s fraudulent activities

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Securities Fraud

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Barry Minkow’s Fraudulent Activities

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It’s almost like victimology, which is part of criminal profiling. This method entails developing a complete history of the victim, including lifestyle, personality traits, employment, etc.

Barry Minkow started a carpet cleaning business in his garage at the age of One year later, Barry decided that hid business does not bring him much profit and began his fraudulent activities.

Barry Minkow founded ZZZZ Best Co., a carpet-cleaning firm, when he was 15 years ld. He ran the business from his family’s garage in Reseda, California. The company became one of the biggest carpet-cleaning firms in California, and Minkow was a millionaire by age Opportunities in smallcaps.

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It's the true story about the life and times of Barry Minkow, a teenage fraudster who, in the mid-’80’s, ripped. Barry Minkow, the man who scammed L.A. in the '80s with a $ million ponzi scheme involving a carpet cleaning company called ZZZZ Best, seemed to get his act together after that scandal and the.

Barry minkow s fraudulent activities
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