Annotated bibliography mla multiple authors

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An annotated bibliography is a list of citations for various books, articles, and other sources on a topic. The annotated bibliography looks like a Works Cited page but includes an annotation after each source cited. An annotation is a short summary and/or critical evaluation of a source.

In MLA style, you will need to include the page numbers for the sources in your annotated bibliography; If you provide the source from online database, you need to type the name of database in italics without providing any subscription information.

The MLA guidelines specify using title case capitalization - capitalize the first words, the last words, and all principal words, including those that follow hyphens in compound terms.

Use lowercase abbreviations to identify the parts of a work (e.g., vol.

Annotated Bibliography

for volume, ed. for editor). Annotated Bibliography. Bebel, August. Women under abrasiverock.comated by Daniel De Leon. New York: Schocken Books, August Bebel’s book Die Frau und der Sozialismus is an extensive critique of the industrial capitalist system, specifically of the roles of women during the 19th century.

Bebel’s work was a major influence on the feminist movement in Germany, as well as on. 2 What does an Annotated Bibliography look like? An annotated bibliography has two parts.

How to Write an Annotated Bibliography - MLA Style

The first part is the bibliography line which should be written according to the format your teacher requires, which could be MLA format, APA. The Ultimate Unabridged Annotated Bibliographies Guide.

If you have just received an assignment that requires an MLA annotated bibliography, you may be .

Annotated bibliography mla multiple authors
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