An examination of how racial opinions compare to national survey data

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Sample and Study Procedures. High school senior data were examined from Monitoring the Future (MTF), an annual national survey of high school students in approximately public and private schools throughout 48 states in the US (Johnston et al., a). The most valid source of benchmark data for determining average American measurements is the National Health and Nutritional Examination Survey (NHANES).

U.S. Survey Research

NHANES was most recently conducted between and by the CDC, which is housed under the US Department of Health and Human Services (Fryar et al., Fryar, C.

D., Gu, Q., & Ogden, C. May 12,  · Is the American public becoming less religious? Yes, at least by some key measures of what it means to be a religious person.

An examination of racial and ethnic disparities in health care

An extensive new survey of more than 35, U.S. adults finds that the percentages who say they believe in God, pray daily and regularly go to church or other religious services all have declined.

U.S. Public Becoming Less Religious

An examination of racial and ethnic disparities in health care Date: August 3, Despite ongoing societal progress with regard to racial equality across all areas of society, notable disparities remain in the level of health care black, Hispanic and other ethnic groups receive when compared with non-Hispanic whites, a U.S.

Department of Health and Human Services fact sheet detailed. INTRODUCTORY NOTE BY THE SECRETARY-GENERAL OF THE INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION OF JURISTS. At the request of the Government of British Guiana, the International Commission of Jurists appointed a Commission of Inquiry to investigate and make recommendations in regard to certain problems concerning racial balance .

An examination of how racial opinions compare to national survey data
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Important information about racial disparities in health care | Bradley University Online