A discussion on how an author uses conflict as a way of exploring ideas in a drama

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Using conflicts in a story: 6 helpful conflict examples

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In Favor of Niceness, Community, and Civilization

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Therapeutic Care & Social Pedagogy

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Islamic arts

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- The way people behave within conflict is a strong indicator of whether peaceful resolution is a possible outcome of conflict management (Eunson, ).

Conflict management is defined as the process which focuses on the behaviour, relationships and context of conflict in order to create and maintain stable communication between those.

🔥Citing and more! Add citations directly into your paper, Check for unintentional plagiarism and check for writing mistakes. Introduction. Conflict, when properly managed, is a positive source of competitiveness and collaboration in a workplace.

On the other hand, when unmanaged, conflict can create division, low morale, and chaos in the same environment. Smaller and greater skirmishes along Frodo’s way create lesser arcs of tension and release. Multiple conflicts of varying size give stories their unique shape and character.

Conflict also is a crucible in which characters can grow and change. universal themes in literature of different cultures, such as death and rebirth, initiation, Understands specific devices an author uses to accomplish his or her purpose (e.g., persuasive techniques, style, literary form or genre, portrayal of themes, in some cases exploring the extreme of madness, or more commonly.

A discussion on how an author uses conflict as a way of exploring ideas in a drama
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